Buckingham Suites Serviced Apartments, Macau

No Smoking. No Pets. Your comfort is important to us. As some of our guests may have allergies or respiratory conditions, we maintain a policy that our apartments be smoke and pet free facilities. We ask that you respect this policy in the interest of ensuring that all our guests can enjoy our apartments.

Check-in and check-out Check-in time is 4pm. Notify us in advance of your check-in time and we will meet you at the Buckingham lobby. Check-in before 9am and after 9pm may be subject to an additional adminstrative fee.

Check-Out. check-out time is 12 noon. To check-out, leave your access cards and door keys inside the apartment. We will review the condition of the apartment and if there is any damages, we will deduct the cost from your rental deposit. Damages may include any remediation required to remove odors from pets and smoking in contravention of our prohibition on smoking and keeping pets and any loss in revenue as a result of time required for remediation.